About Us

Silver Mine Subs

The Emergence of Our Restaurants & Expansion

It all began as a conversation between two guys in 1996. They spent hours discussing their futures and suddenly decided to move to the base of the Rockies from the Midwest. Healthy and fresh sub sandwiches with premium ingredients, the two men were selling their creations all over Northern Colorado.

The Silver Mine Subs brand presence was fueled by the “silver rush” pushing this small business to grow. Soon enough, more like-minded and passionate individuals joined the Silver Mine team. We deliver and do not use third party delivery service. 

Our healthy and fast food brand is located in Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming.

Executive Bios

Meet Our Co-Founder John Langreck

In 1996, Mr. Langreck co-founded Silver Mine Subs on College Ave. in Fort Collins, Colorado. John’s dedication and vision paved the way for Silver Mine Subs growth in multiple states. Although his skills extend to all parts of the business, he prefers to work on new store development, finance, and operations.

Meet Our Co-Founder Lance Jones

Our second founder is Mr. Jones, who the creativity side of the restaurant and stays knowledgeable about the crowded restaurant business.  Lance gives his time to all the areas of the business.. He mainly focuses on product development, procurement, and advertising.