Job Opportunities


Join US! Working at SIlver Mine Subs

Silver Mine Subs is a quick-service restaurant business committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

We have full and part time at most of our locations. Please check with the franchisee or manager of the location to see the opportunities available to you. 

Job Description

Our team is eager to fill the many positions available at Silver Mine Subs® We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic individuals to uphold our mission of 100% customer satisfaction.

Below are some of the exciting career opportunities offered by the Silver Mine Subs. 

Shift Manager Role and Responsibilities

This is the entry-level position for restaurant management at Silver Mine Subs.

As a Shift Manager, you are responsible for learning and understanding the restaurant operations at Silver Mine Subs. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • You will have hands-on training and shift management to understand the basics of restaurant operations.

  • Gain experience by attaining and maintaining complete customer satisfaction.

  • Your training will have basic supervision, human relations, interpersonal communication, and follow-up skills.

  • You will also be in charge of maintaining a respectful workplace in the restaurant.

Assistant Manager Roles and Responsibilities

The next step after entry level is the Assistant Manager position. Here you will apply the skills you have learned as a Shift Manager. As an Assistant Manager, you will manage staff, products, and equipment. You are required to consistently execute extreme Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value (QSC&V) on all assigned shifts. Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • You will assist in developing and training crew employees.

  • Maintain the established standards for the best product quality, quick customer service, cleanliness & sanitation.

  • You must be able to manage the shifts without direct supervision.

  • You will overlook all the safety, sanitation, and security procedures that are executed.

  • Control food components, labor, waste, and expenditure.

  • You will be assigned shift paperwork and checklists that need to be completed at the end of your shift.

  • You will be in charge of maintaining a respectful workplace in the restaurant.

Night Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Once you show great skill as an Assistant Manager, you will be considered for Night Manager. Here you will explore the business skills involved with managing a restaurant. As the Night Manager, you are responsible for aiding the Restaurant General Manager in executing all restaurant operations. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • You will need to demonstrate and reinforce leadership behaviors while maintaining basic people standards necessary to gain commitment from staff and other managers.

  • You will also handle the recruiting, staffing, scheduling, and retaining of employees.

  • Spearhead the development and training of staff and other management employees.

  • Work towards building sales and controlling costs.

  • Ensure the highest standards of product quality, enhance customer service and cleanliness.

  • Control assigned profit and loss line items.

  • You will be responsible for maintaining a respectful work environment.

Restaurant General Manager Roles and Responsibilities

The Restaurant General Manager will be responsible for leading all the operations of a single Silver Mine Subs restaurant, including:

  • Develop and train Assistant Managers.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and execute plans to increase market share.

  • Implement and execute new products introduction, policies and procedures, etc.

  • Ensure execution of all security, food safety and maintenance of the restaurant.

  • Project and control the accurate profit & loss line items.

  • Complete all necessary on-site paperwork, including but not limited to: sales records, scheduling, payroll, inventories, delivery driver MVR records, security, and employee personnel files.

  • Ensure the restaurant maintains a respectful workspace.

Other Opportunities

We offer other opportunities beyond the Restaurant General Manager role. These are based on interest, performance, and availability. The opportunities are as follows:

  • Training and Development Coordinator

  • Franchise Sales

  • Franchise Operations Consultant

  • ….. and many more as we continue to grow!